Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore – Rocky Mount Telegram investigative report on validity of crime statistics

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One would think the City of Rocky Mount is safe due to recent reports published by Chief of Police James Moore.The Rocky Mount Telegram reporters Amelia Harper, Lindell John Kay, Corey Davis, and Philip Sayblack investigated the statistics and accounts of recent crimes.  Their work was published in the Sunday, August 6, 2017 newspaper regarding the validity of the crime statistics.  The Sunday edition contained four articles along with supporting documentation for their research.  Please see below for the titles of the article and links to them on the Rocky Mount Telegram website.

Kudos to the reporters and management for this research.  There is nothing to celebrate as we in Rocky Mount have a lot to improve but you no improvement can take place until you recognize you have a problem.  This is a start of holding our leaders both elected and government  management accountable for their actions.  The true test is to witness the results of this and other questionable behavior by our leaders in Rocky Mount.

Bottom line is we have problems in both crime and leadership in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount Telegram articles:

Crime statistics don’t tell whole story

Violent offenses get downplayed by Amelia Harper and Lindell John Kay

Businesses unhappy with police response by Corey Davis and Lindell John Kay

Robbery victim questions validity of reports by Amelia Harper

City homicide rate doubled so far this year by Philip Sayblack and Lindell John Kay

Supporting Documentation:

Court ruling on shooting into an occupied dwelling.
Suspicious event police report on S Church St.
Larceny or property damage?
RMPD mid-year crime report.
RMPD June 2017 crime report (8/03/2017).
RMPD June 2017 crime report (7/10/2017).

Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore


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