Why the Community Council?

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The Community Council was formed with the idea of providing information to the citizens to encourage them to make informed decisions.  As our mission states: The Community Council is a non-political, unaffiliated group of concerned citizens, interested in the quality of life, present and future economic growth, and fiscal well-being of Nash & Edgecombe Counties and Rocky Mount.

The Community Council will research and write about specific aspects of local government.  We certainly have areas we plan to research and subsequently present those results for information; however, we welcome suggestions.  Hopefully, our writings will spur folks to read source material and further educate themselves on various local topics/issues so they can form their own informed opinion about a specific topic.

We recognize no two people will agree but hope they will become informed, develop an educated opinion and provide feedback to our local leaders; all while understanding the point of view from another person.  The Community Council believes broad input from citizens will assist our leaders in making sound decisions.   We also believe every person and entity is not perfect.  There is always room for improvement and therefore diverse input from citizens will assist with continual improvement.

Here is to an open government, informed citizenry and constructive feedback with constant improvement.  By all means we encourage respectful dialogue.  As a result everyone may learn something all while making new friends.

Website:  www.TheCommunityCouncil.org

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