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The City of Rocky Mount along with the two counties it straddles (Nash and Edgecombe) is ideally located and is comprised of wonderful people.  We have wonderful leaders that need input from the citizens they represent. We are no different from many other communities; allowing our leaders (managers, city council and county commissioners) to decide our futures without input.  Many of us are oblivious to the decisions and policies enacted that directly impact us.

The Community Council has been formed to bring to the citizens some of those topics that impact us financially.  We plan to research areas of concern within our Twin Counties and bring the facts to you, each citizen, so you can make an informed decision.

The intent is to enable all citizens to provide feedback to our local leaders.  When necessary the Community Council will take a position on various topics.  Please contact us to provide us with your thoughts and ideas (http://thecommunitycouncil.org/get-involved/).  Moreover if you like the idea and promote what we are doing please provide us with your financial support.


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