Tarboro St broken promises and broken contracts with a lot of hyperbole justifying actions

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Parking is a premium in Downtown Rocky Mount.  To attract downtown investors city officials have made promises and have even entered into contracts regarding parking.  Many of these promises and legal contracts center around the Tarboro St parking, that is now being explored to make workforce housing.  We have assembled below the reporting by the Rocky Mount Telegram along with emails they obtained.  Also, assembled are copies of contracts, press releases, video links and other source material.

Many have concerns about where people visiting the $50 million Event Center will park in addition to where downtown merchants patrons will park.  Several investors in buildings downtown have verbally been told Tarboro St would have available parking.  Self-Help purchased and restored the historic Peoples Bank building entered into a twenty-five (25) year parking agreement that generates a modest income for the city.  Additionally, Edgecombe Community College decided to build their Rocky Mount campus, with the sale of voter approved bonds, after they partnered with the city on parking.

There has been no great explanation about the sudden change but according to the Rocky Mount Telegram, “City Councilman Andre Knight said the site might have been meant to be parking at one time but plans changed.”  ALL city council members have voted to approve the Tarboro St. parking plan and ALL city council members have voted to place housing on Tarboro St. Rocky Mount City Council action fourteen (14) days apart to approve Tarboro St parking and then two weeks later approve Tarboro St housing.  Both were approved by 100% of the City Council.  Ironically, Councilman Reuben Blackwell on April 8, 2019 contends the council never voted on the agreement yet he seconded the Tarboro St parking agreement proposal.

So what happens now and will the broken promises adversely impact future development?  Just as important will current investors sell property due to the uncertainty?

Rocky Mount Telegram articles by Lindell Kay – Rocky Mount Telegram Parking Articles_2019_04_28

Rocky Mount Telegram assembled emails from City of Rocky Mount – Links to emails obtained by Rocky Mount Telegram_April 2019_Combined

Contract with Self-Help for Tarboro St Parking (unsigned copy) – Self-Help Parking Lot Lease (25 year)

Contract with Carolina Telephone now Century Link Thomas St Parking (unsigned copy) – Thomas St Parking Lot License Agreement

City staff parking presentation – Parking presentation by city staff

City of Rocky Mount Agenda Item Approving Kimley-Horn Parking Study – Approval of Kimley-Horn Study


Rocky Mount Event Center Control Plan – Event Center Traffic Control Plan

Trustees of Edgecombe Community College to Rocky Mount City Council, Rocky Mount City Manager, NC Housing Finance Agency Board Members, and DFI Project Manager regarding the Proposed Affordable Housing Development on Existing Shared Parking Lots – Link to ECC letter

Link to WHIG video of Edgecombe Community College President Dr. Gregory McLeod and Chairman of the board Dr. Jerry Price – https://www.facebook.com/WHIGTV/videos/380403312559035/

City Council Committee of the Whole Minutes – Minutes where council voted for parking with Councilman Blackwell seconding the motion

City Council meeting minutes approving resolution for housing – Minutes of housing approval motioned by Councilman Blackwell

Illustration of Tarboro St Parking from ECC letter


Impact of placing housing on Tarboro St parking site. illustrated by Clint Williams


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