Tarboro St broken promises and broken contracts with a lot of hyperbole justifying actions

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Parking is a premium in Downtown Rocky Mount.  To attract downtown investors city officials have made promises and have even entered into contracts regarding parking.  Many of these promises and legal contracts center around the Tarboro St parking, that is now being explored to make workforce housing.  We have assembled below the reporting by the Rocky Mount Telegram along with emails they obtained.  Also, assembled are copies of contracts, press releases, video links and other source material.

Many have concerns about ...

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Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation and Douglas Block

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It appears the Citizens of Rocky Mount are paying Rocky Mount Edgecombe Community Development Corporation (RMECDC) tons of money to not manage the Douglas Block:

  • $475,000 cash to end contract
  • Conveying the lot adjacent to the Booker T Theater with stipulations
  • $75,000 to fund commercial development manager (Not yet hired as of 04/08/2019)
  • $150,000 to fund the Housing Counseling Center & Business Dev. Center

Click here to view a copy of the legal document: http://thecommunitycouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Douglas-Block-Settlement-Agreement-and-Mutual-Release.pdf

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