Is it Possible to Make the “Proposed” Event Center Profitable?

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It comes to no surprise that the Rocky Mount City Council votes to proceed with securing funds (including, but not limited to EB-5 and New Market Tax Credits) for funding of the “proposed” event center.

Surprising to the public was a motion by Councilman Tom Rogers, supported by the entire City Council, for a plan to exceed study projections and suggested the “proposed” event center must operate with profit.

The motion made by Rogers:

Initiating the NMTCs and EB-5 application process is the natural, next step of this project to determine its financial viability.   But, we still have much to consider during the time provided by the application process.  There has been discussion about marketing,  operations and management of the event center which, I know we agree, is a critical component.  The council needs to see a plan that not only meets, but exceeds the operating results outlined in the AECom study, including what is required for profitable operations.

My motion is that we ask the manger to prepare a plan to be presented to us in 90 days that outlines the key elements of such a plan.


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