How much more can we handle?

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According to the Rocky Mount Telegram we will likely see a 7% increase in our electric and gas bills while sewer charges will increase by 5%.  The City of Rocky Mount is piling on the fees and increases to citizens instead of cutting the budget by the $2.3 million shortfall due to legislation from Raleigh.

As if that is not enough, the City Manager is proposing pay raises for city employees ranging between 3% to 9% (3% adjustment to pay grade; 2.5% to 4% pay-for-performance increase; and 2% increase for employees with at least one year of service).  Keep in mind city employees, while deserving, had the opportunity to receive a 2% merit pay increase in 2010. I’m willing to wager that most citizens, who have jobs, have not experienced much if anypay increases since 2008.

The train has left the station on the proposed event center. It is going to require a substantial property tax increase to pay for the amortized debt (mortgage) and a strain to future budgets when projections are not met.

How much more can we handle?  Should we waive the white flag of surrender? Please someone help us!

Lige Daughtridge

President – The Community Council



  1. Clint  May 29, 2014

    Just to clarify this. Every single utility paying customer in the state of NC will be paying a 7% sale tax on electric and gas bills starting in July. Everyone.

    The City of RM is not enacting anything – they are collecting the sales tax and giving it to the state. The state then returns a portion of the sales tax – just like it does at WalMart or any other sales tax from any other retailer – back to the local communities it came from. A very small portion that has gotten smaller since the NCGA has been withholding local revenue returns.

    Regardless of who is enacting the increase – it is an increase and it will cost businesses and utility customers more to run the AC, heat, Christmas lights, ovens, stoves and hair dryers.

    Logically – the RM Telegram said it best: Since there is a force-put sales tax increase for every customer – now is not the time for the City of RM to lean on property owners for increased taxes for the Event Center.

  2. Donna  May 29, 2014

    Agreed. What can we do? Whatever we can do I am all for it. I am scared….I already have my own personal struggles, and the money and the thought of my hometown going down hill is just too much. I know at some point soon we need to get these people out of office; I feel this would be a huge help! I don’t see them helping this city…but largely hindering it. Lord help us…I am praying daily.

  3. Robert  June 16, 2014

    Regardless of who imposes the tax, it’s the moral responsibility of our most local elected officials to provide relief for this by cutting their budget, stopping the theft of millions of dollars in utility revenue each year by the city council for spending on special projects, and by cancelling any project that will raise the cost for the citizens of Rocky Mount. Doing anything less is a disservice to all of us and will inflict harm to many, especially those on a fixed income, retired, disabled, or otherwise. Our out of control city council won’t do any of these things and is full speed ahead regardless of the rocks ahead. With the vicious and divisive attitudes of the city council it’s no wonder we can’t get any challengers and they often run unopposed. It’s time to get the choice of none of the above put on the ballots. IT’S MY VOTE – MY CHOICE!!! I should be able to withhold it as well as give it away.


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