Event Center – Public Hearing – Tuesday, November 1, 2016 @ 6:00pm – Rocky Mount City Hall

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Tuesday night, the Rocky Mount City Council will discuss funding options on the $50+ million project.

This may be your last chance for you to ask the City Council to put the issue to a vote.

Is this project a higher priority than job growth, or crime prevention, or education?

The Rocky Mount Event Center will require an increase in taxes for every citizen and business in Rocky Mount.

Is this the right time to increase taxes?

Let your voice be heard. Tuesday at 6:00 pm – City Hall








  1. David Burkw  October 30, 2016

    Whats the purpose

  2. Gail bunting  October 30, 2016

    I think planning a good productive future is always good. Although,, was planning on buying several properties and changed my mind because of the outdated grandfather clause on property. Makes no sense to invest.

  3. B. Branch  October 31, 2016

    We hear complaints about business leaving along with the job, not having enough money for supplies for schools & the reputation the city now has for bring dangerous because of high crime rate.
    With utilities being so high & living expenses here being high, this seems a terrible time to even consider raising taxes on residents? To spend 50+ million dollars on an event center, which the citizens of Ry Mt does not want, seems outrageous & very impractical.
    That amount of money could do so much to improve the situation in our city. We need to recruit new businesses, improve public schools, reduce cost of living here (utilities in particular) & improve our high crime rate. That kind of money could pay for recruiting new industry, purchasing needed supplies for schools & hiring more police officers.
    Sadly to say the mayor & city council that we have doesn’t care what the thoughts & objections the citizens have, they are hell bent & determined to build this event center. Officials might need to talk to Roanoke Rapids about the one they built years ago, the money they have lost & the idea of big business that never happened. They actually are trying to sale it. This is exactly what will happen here. There will be no big events coming, no companies rushing to move here because of an event center & no jobs created. This would be 50 millions dollars thrown down a hole, 50 million that the citizens will have to pay.
    Ivan not for the life of me see why the maor & city government want this center so badly. we the people do not want this center & huge debt!! Maybe what we need is a new city government.


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